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What Research Proves About Educating Your Child

Individual Learning


 Creative Global Schools small learning environment and unique model allows for support in the learning environment. The design of our student portfolio and personal learning plans assist with student growth based on cognitive and non-cognitive data. Students learn in a small classroom environment that includes tutors. Our learning framework allows students the ability to work collaboratively and independently. Students are able to use technological advancements to enhance student mastery and to complete tasks that are seen for incremental progress rather than instantaneous activity driven assignments. These methods and strategies give not just our general education students the ability to thrive, but our students who have disabilities also have the opportunity to thrive in the CGS environment.  

Our Modes of Learning


Creative Global Schools educational program includes: Project and Exploratory Based Learning, Simulated Learning, the UNICEF Model, CGS’ Global Studies Enrichment Program, and Gifted Learners. Each educational program is comprehensive and will ensure students have scaffolded learning that provide students; regardless of learning styles, abilities or levels, a personal learning design to achieve academically at CGS, in their community and in the global marketplace.  

Global Learning Perspective


 CGS has created a model which enhances learning in a global setting for both the teacher and the student. Students will have the ability to travel and participate in thinking tanks to provide insight, perspective and gain knowledge and skills that enhance critical thinking and problem solving with a global understanding. This model allows students to facilitate their own learning based on their choice and interests. This choice stems from their current awareness or a desired connection with global initiatives they encounter through their tenure with CGS.  

Project Based Learning


The Project and Exploratory Design will assist students in becoming critical thinkers, but also developers of solution based learning. This model helps make learning relevant to students by establishing connections to life outside the classroom and by addressing real world issues. This is a significant component to students developing critical thought while utilizing the UNICEF Model. In the classroom, PBL gives teachers an opportunity to build relationships with students by acting as their coach, facilitator, and co-learner. In the school and beyond, the model further allows teachers opportunities to build relationships amongst colleagues and with those in the larger community. Student projects can be shared with other teachers, parents, and community members who have a vested interest in the students' education. Project Based Learning is transformative because of the emphasis on student autonomy, collaborative learning, and assessments based on authentic performances which maximize students' orientation toward learning and mastery.   



 Our collaborative work with our simulation partners has allowed CGS to create simulated based curriculum for students as well as teachers. The extraordinary work has led CGS’ board to create state of the art learning that is one-of-a-kind and cutting edge. The development of our teacher practices as well as the learning that goes on in the classroom enables CGS to monitor current global standards and create learning outcomes that are continuously evoking rigorous and challenging programming based on global skills that are necessary for careers and professions in the 21st century.  

Global Citizenship



Creative Global Schools Global Enrichment Program Design will also include our simulated scenarios that will incorporate exposure to real world problem solving, community service, career development, internship and innovative collaboration with international students, professors, business/ community leaders, policy makers, and researchers within CGS and beyond.