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Help Our Cause

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve learning conditions. Your generous donation will fund classroom supplies, technology, and field trips for students in need. 

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Why Donate?

 By partnering with us, your donation can provide equitable access to high-quality learning experiences and encourage the pursuit of post-secondary education in Science and Engineering by catering to the needs of minority students, students with disabilities and those from low-income households. 

For Our Students & Parents

          If you are the parent of an enrolled student at CGS, the following section allows you to pay fees associated with tuition, registration, lunch and the Summer STEAM program. 

Summer STEAM Program

 The Summer STEAM Program is designed for students ages 5-13. Students in this program will design and develop hands-on projects and complete challenges that encourage team building. Please pay your program fees here. 

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Tuition & Registration

Registered students are assessed tuition and fees based on grade level.  All students are assessed the non-refundable Registration fee, which covers the cost of school supplies and use of technology for the year. 

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Lunch Fees

CGS provides nutritious meals to children during the school day. If your child participates in our catered lunch program, please pay your fees here. 

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Transportation Fees

For $25 per week, your child can receive transportation to and from school with our transportation program.  

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